About us

As an entrepreneur, I know that entering the international market segment is the most difficult growth state for small businesses and involves many risks, so BIIGWheel is here to help!

Hans-Joachim Heusler
Previous headquarters in Wolfratshausen, Germany
Our office in Bangkok, Thailand
Consultation meeting

BIIG Wheel was founded in 2019 by Hans-Joachim Heusler to create an international platform that shapes the way business works today and improve connectivity between regions.

Our years of experience and high level of expertise, as well as a strong network within many industries around the world, enable us to promote companies worldwide and provide them with world-class operating opportunities.

Through our “pipeline strategy”, we present market opportunities for SMEs to operate quickly, accurately and successfully in complex markets.

This approach fills market gaps in target regions and creates added value for all parties. As an international liaison platform, we create highly effective economic win-win solutions for regions and companies, both nationally and internationally, together with first-class SMEs, institutions and experts.

Top Management

BIIG Wheel presents the team of experts and leaders with a worldwide network of first class business partners

Hans-Joachim Heusler is a lawyer with many years of experience in government service, including the Bavarian State Chancellery and the Ministry of Economics. He was subsequently Managing Director of Messe München, then of Bayern International. As CEO of BIIG Wheel, he is responsible for corporate strategy & development and for advising the regions on economic development.
Hans-Joachim Heusler
CEO of BIIG Wheel
Wilaiwan Schroeder has a diverse background and professional experience in the areas of Hospitality Management, Education, Learning and Development. She has years of work experience in an international government agency and has been involved in various types of business development projects. At BIIG Wheel, she is responsible for marketing, hospitality and education projects.
Wilaiwan Schroeder
Vice President
Max Aschenbrenner is a lawyer with many years of experience as a specialist in labor law, as well as a partner in various international law firms. As Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Norway, he has built up a diverse network in politics and business over the years, especially in Scandinavian countries. At BIIG WHEEL, he is responsible for legal issues as well as organizational tasks and personnel matters.
Max Aschenbrenner
Head of the Board of Directors

BIIG Wheel Testimonials

Our Vision, Values and Philosophy
Our vision is a worldwide successful economic and social regional development based on the local resources and a sound mixture of business units of any size in each region. Our mission therefore is to bring small and medium sized companies and regions together to help them both develop to successful entities in favor of the people they deal with. We provide consulting and assisting services based on their resources and we create business opportunities for the companies and support to offer their cluster specific products and services while filling the gaps in the local value chain.
We believe that determination is better than resignation. BIIG Wheel can assist regions to stand the ground even when faced by big challenges. We are not afraid of change and point out chances, risks and solutions based on innovative ideas, products and services.
We work honestly and openly. We believe that this approach prevents from corruption and encourages efficient cooperation within our company, network and customers. Transparency is the key to earning the trust of our customers for whom we generate profit.
We believe that each of the team members and customers should have their share of responsibility for the result. We appreciate willingness to act, initiative, honesty and good work for both our customers and ourselves to create best of possible results.
BIIG Wheel is a private company. Its members have long experience in international relations and regional development. We stand for and believe in equal, but specific opportunities of all our partners & customers, support for those who take on responsibility and deliver outstanding results.

BIIG Wheel Organisation Structure

The BIIG Wheel is an international network consisting of

  • Country Managers
  • Experts
  • Competence Centers
  • and Strategic Partners

that are connected by a digital platform (under construction), also known as the BIIG Wheel Virtual Market Place (VMP), which provides digital access and connection.

The VMP is based on two databases:

  • the Company-Database (Strategic Partners)
  • a Geo-Database.